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Elementary Azerbaijani by Kurtuluş Öztopçu

Elementary Azerbaijani: (Second Edition - Revised and Expanded) Los Angeles-Istanbul, 2012. Türk Dilleri Araştırmaları Dizisi 33. Softcover, xvi+358 pages, with 2 audio CDs
Elementary Azerbaijani is a beginning level comprehensive textbook for standard Azerbaijani, the language spoken by educated Azerbaijani speakers.

Elementary Azerbaijani is a beginning level course for students who are serious about learning Azerbaijani. It is the first Azerbaijani textbook in Latin script, published in the West for English speakers. The book is based on an eclectic method that incorporates different aspects of various language-teaching methodologies. The multi-skills syllabus on which the course is based integrates structural, functional, lexical, phonological, situational, thematic and cultural syllabi. Elementary Azerbaijani has been adopted as a textbook at various universities in the US and abroad where Azerbaijani is taught. The textbook and the audio materials can be used in a classroom setting or as a self-study aid.

Comments for the First Edition of the book

"Azerbaijani Textbook-Finally. Students trying to learn the Azerbaijani language will greatly appreciate the new 400-page textbook Elementary Azerbaijani written by Kurtuluş Öztopçu. This volume marks a milestone in linguistic history, as it is the first major textbook in English to use the official Latin script of the Republic of Azerbaijan. It has been ten years in the making. Highly recommended. The book for learning Azerbaijani that we've all been waiting for!" — Azerbaijan International Magazine

"I found Dr. Oztopcu's Elementary Azerbaijani Primer an excellent introduction to this beautiful idiom. His approach is a fluent master's approach at letting the student know what is essential while giving glimpses of what is to come, but not imposing its mastery until the student has built the necessary basics. … The audio recordings are very useful and they are like the icing on the cake. … I urge any diligent person with a passion for Azerbaijani to get this book and plunge into the language straight away" — J. Harnsberry

"Thank you very much for writing such a great book Elementary Azerbaijani. I had been looking for a study manual for this language everywhere until I found a reference to your book in Azerbaijan International magazine. I am really excited to conquer this language. Thank you." — I. Shapavalava, WI

"I have completed your book Elementary Azerbaijani. I was very impressed by this book because of its freedom from errors, logic, and abundance of examples." — S. Powers, AZ

"I purchased the grammar book. That is the best book ever for foreigners to learn Azerbaijani." — T. Aliyev, VA

"Thanks to your book, I am going to bed with Azerbaijani phrases in my head and waking up with them. I'm really enjoying your book." — Y. Holbrook, United Kingdom

"Elementary Azerbaijani presents the modern spoken language of Azerbaijan in a clear and useful manner. Each chapter contains numerous dialogues with lots of helpful vocabulary, grammatical explanations that astute learner will understand readily, and tons of exercises that both drill and work the concepts of the chapter. … I'm pleased with this volume and its companion recordings." — Scott, SC

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